Monday, December 23, 2013

What is wrong with ham:)

Hey guys,
So I don't need to be addressed formaly, though sometimes when I am refered to as blake It takes me a second to remember that that is my first name. So I did receive my package, and was very excited to see it. My roomates also were excited that they got presents too. I did open them all. Some of them I knew that they were warm clothing and I need all of that I can get. I couldn't wait till Christmas I just decided that it was too far into the future. ill have to buy myself some more presents. :)  We had our ward Christmas party last week. Instead of American food they had traditional European food. :/  I was like what the heck am I eating? What is wrong with ham???  But everything else was fun. They put on a Christmas program and we talked with all of the ward members.
We are continuing to work hard, but this week has been difficult. So last Monday my companion injured his foot and went to the doctors and had it x-rayed, there were no broken bones so they think that it is soft tissue damage which could actually take longer to heal. On Tuesday I was sick, felt like I was going to throw up all day so that sucked. Wednesday was another day where we just did missionary work from the apartment. We called all of our investigators and updated the area book so that we wont have so much to do down the road. Thursday we went on exchanges, Elder Alba went with me, we went down to 7-11 and got hot chocolate then road 3 miles to check on some investigators.
Friday we had our mission Christmas party, there was a talent show. Bunch of funny stuff but it was mostly just music. There was one act where there was 2 pianos and they were playing a song that was really good and worked in unison. Sounds kinda strange but it was way cool. Enjoyed some good food! They fed us normal food!!!!  Baked potatoes, ham, rolls, salad, man that was delicious. There is an elder from Samoa names Elder Alofipo, he is in our district and we were eating a ton of ham. He kinda challenged me to a eating contest.
We tried to see warren on Friday night and he said that he could meet with us on Monday night so hopefully that will work out tonight. He also said when we were talking to him hat he can see a significant difference in his life when we are meeting with him on a regular basis, and when we aren't. He said that when we don't meet with him that something feels off. As much as I hate to say it but im glad that he can tell something is wrong :) hopefully that will further his progression.
Saturday we did our planning for the week. We went to a baptism where we were the witnesses. We also helped in the confirmation. So yesterday I woke up with a massive stomach ache, I went into the bathroom and threw up. That really was no fun. So I ended up staying home from church. Which really sucked because there was a baby blessing in our ward and he wanted us to help in that so I missed out. A member of the ward gave us all 20 bucks for Christmas which was really good because I am running out of money.
We are going to try to put Warren back on date to be baptized on the 28th,  I definitely think that it is possible, but with transfers coming up I might not be able to teach him the final commandments but that will come in the future. If I do get transferred I will hopfully get to tell you on Wednesday.
Everything else is business as usual. No update on the Iphones and Ipads yet but they will probably a few months down the road. I hope its not to cold in Roosevelt. Is dad still going to put a fire place in the basement?
Love you all!!!!
Elder Blake Laing