Monday, March 23, 2015

Baptism date set for April 25th

We have had a pretty good week here. We had a good lesson with a
investigator some Spanish elders found. They have been teaching her
and we finally had a pass off lesson. She is super solid and has a
baptism date set for April 25th. We were also able to talk to one of
our other investigators who has his baptism date set for April 11th
and that is good to go.

Those are the most exciting things that have happened. We did have a
little 18 month mark celebration with some other elders. One of them
was elder Wilson my former companion in Belmont ridge, and Elder
Karbach who I served with in Centreville. We played some games as
well as some racquetball. I never realized how much I like racquetball
until I played that night.

This week I have tried to take it easy because my head still hurt from
last p day. Hard to do as a missionary. Today we went to great falls.
We got some super sweet pictures that I will send. Glad to know hat
everything is going good at home. I do think about it more and more
lately. I know that I have less than 6 months and it is starting to
set in. Considering that the sisters that came out with me go home in
10 days so that makes it even worse.

I will be getting a new area and a new companion on the 9th. At least
there is about a 95% chance of that happening. You have asked me a
couple times when my release date is. I believe that I will fly in on
the 18th. That should be the Friday I come home. They did make this
transfer a long transfer so It could be a week after as well. I'm not
for sure on that.

That's all for this week. Love you guys!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Trying to not be discouraged

Hello everyone.

We have had a very slow week here. We weren't able to meet with any of
our investigators so that was a major bummer. Something else that was
quite disappointing was we had one of our investigators who had a
baptismal date set for this upcoming Saturday not show up to church so
we had to cancel that. She is 10 and her little sister is 8 so they
were both going to be baptized this weekend. We have been trying to
meet with them for the past month but we haven't been able to.

We were in our apartment Saturday night around 7 and I decided we
needed to knock on their door. So we got on the bikes and rode the 3
miles to their house. We were able to talk to the girls but not the
mom. Every time we go over she won't come talk to us face to face she
tells her girls what to say. They told us that we can talk tomorrow
(Sunday) because they were going to come to church. We didn't bring up
anything about the baptism, but the older girl Angie looked at us and
said that its almost the 21st. We told her that's why we wanted to
come and talk to them. We could tell that she was heart broken. We
just said talk to your mom about it and we will see what we can do.

Their mom has been less active for a while. Both of the parents were
members, but they had their dad pass away back in November. The only
thing holding them back is the mom. She wanted to have them baptized,
so we aren't sure what the hold up is now.

Another real downer that happened is that we were in ward council
Sunday morning talking about it. Bishop said that he was in contact
with her a lot this week and on Saturday he got a text from her saying
she was really frustrated because the elders knocked on her door with
out telling her first. So first of all my heart just sank. But he also
said that she told him she would be coming. We were at least excited
that they would be coming. Then 3rd hour hits.

We get out of gospel principles and went over to bishop and he told us
she didn't come. That was the deciding factor between the 21st or not.
The high priest group leader came over and I guess I was looking
pretty down because he put his arm around me and said we are still
doing good things and not to get discouraged. I'm a little
disappointed with the whole situation, but what do you do.

Now less depressing things. On Friday we traveled to centreville and
picked up our new iPads. They are nice....I guess. 32 gigabytes and
increased power. I get to use it for school and other stuff so that
will be good. We have a couple appointments tonight that are going to
be really good.

I'm definitely excited to hit 18 months, but it will be super weird to
send home the sisters that came out with me. Just another step towards
the end. Time really does fly by. Sometimes more than others. It's
also weird to go to activities and your on the older side of things.
Well that's the report. We just got done playing football and ultimate
frisbee. I may have got a mild concussion. A term field isn't as soft
as you might think. I guess we will see.

Thanks for all you do. I know that's not a real detailed email but
that's all that happened.

Love you guys!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Good lessons with our investigators

This week has been pretty good.

We had some pretty good lessons with our investigators. Our
investigator Jon cam to church yesterday with his less active
girlfriend. We were really glad that they can. We have been trying to
get them there for a while now. We also taught Ryan. He is one of the
9 year old's that we are teaching. We were able to teach the last
lesson that we formally have to teach. The plan was to have his
baptism on April 11th but we will see how that goes.

Other than that not much has happened. We live pretty routine lives so
there is only so much that can change week to week. This upcoming
Friday we are switching ipads. I guess there much better than the ones
that we have currently. We have a bunch of meetings this week.

Today we are going to go over near my old area and play some football
with that zone. It's finally starting to warm up a bit so we can start
to do outside things. Our original plan was that we were going to go
to D.C. but then things just didn't quite work out so we are going to
try for next week.

I was thinking about this not to long ago, but I only have 6 months
left. It's pretty weird to think back about the time I have been out
here. I can't decide if I will have 1 or 2 more areas. I will more
than likely know at the end of this transfer depending on what

Sorry that this letter isn't that great. I'll try to write more next week!

Love you guys!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Mini Exchanges with the Spanish Elders


We have had a good week here. I guess that every week is Good as a
missionary. It hasn't been the most productive of weeks, but some are
better than others.

On Tuesday we were trying to meet some more of the members in the
ward. We knocked on a door and the husband wasn't home so we couldn't
go in. We decided just to make use of it while we were there so we
knocked their next door neighbors house. We were able to talk a little
bit and she said that we could come back. It seems like finding in
this area is really difficult, so we were glad to see something come
from that.

Wednesday we had dinner with part member family. We originally planned
on dinner at 5:30 but we didn't end up eating till about 6:15 because
the members husband had to work a little late. We then walked to our
next appointment. It wasn't really a set appointment, more along the
lines of they said that's when we can come over so we reserved that
space for us. We weren't able to teach them since the husband was
traveling for work.

Thursday we had a meeting with a less active member set up at 8. We
ended up doing a mini exchange with the Spanish elders so Elder Rogers
and Elder Gosain taught them and Elder Benson and I went to another
less actives house. Both people we were able to get into so that was
good. The less active that they went to was a part member as well. The
dad went on a mission but went less active shortly after. He married a
non member and when they were there the son came in and was really
interested so they were able to teach the restoration.

Friday we were sick for most of the day. We just moved some more
little stuff from our apartment to our new one. Saturday we were also
sick so those days weren't anything special.

Sunday we had church. We were one of the few wards that didn't get
cancelled because of freezing rain. We did some weekly planning after
we got home. We had dinner with the Hopkins family. They are super

We started a car share this week so we didn't have he car all week. It
honestly felt pretty good to walk and not have to worry about a car.
Lucky for us today is the day we get it back. We moved into our new
apartment this week so that's what we were doing during the days this
last week. We have mostly everything moved over. Just a bunch of
little stuff now. I guess that's how it goes with every move though.
All of the big stuff is easy, them come the little that there seems to
be an endless supply.

Today we are going to go play basketball some where. Seems like we
haven't done that in a while so that's our plan.

We are still working with a good handful of people. We have 1 lesson
tonight, and 3 lessons on Wednesday set up so this is going to be a
good week. We are going to try to find some more this week. That has
been our biggest struggle.

That makes me really sad to hear about lizzy. She was a good dog and
will be remembered. I hope that grandma recovers fast. Glad to hear
that you guys are recovering from all of the sickness that has been
over there. Hopefully everything continues to get better. Glad to know
the business is going good. I was thinking maybe I'll be able to help
out when I get home. I guess we will see.

Thanks for your support! Love you guys!