Monday, September 7, 2015

11 Days.......

11 days......

Well, I don't exactly know what to write. Considering this is my
second to last letter home I guess it better be something good. A lot
of the things I could write I feel would be much better just to talk
about in person.

We found a new investigator named Brian this week who is super solid.
We got his info from a referral that was sent to us. He referred
himself through one of the church websites. We went to his place one
night this week and he invited us right in. We got to know him a
little bit and figured out that his wife is a member of the church and
brought her a lot of happiness. He is looking for that happiness as
well and said he figured if it worked for her it could work for him.

He has no religious background and is starting to just now to be
exposed to religion. We started with the very basics of who our
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are. We invited him to church and he
came to all three hours. We met him on Thursday and by the time we
talked to him on Sunday he was already through the first book of
nephi. He told us he feels really behind and wants to catch up. He is
awesome, but I had the realization that I won't be here when he is
eligible for baptism.

That was our most exciting thing that happened. We are always busy
here in the office. We are always moving things for people and have
certain tasks that we are working on. We have been going around and
making a spare key for all of the apartments around the mission so we
can have access. We recently have had a few experiences when someone
gets locked out and we don't have a spare key to get them in, so that
is the reasoning behind that.

We also moved ourselves this week. We moved from our townhouse to an
apartment across the street. It is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom so it is
nice while there is only 3 of us here. The assistants are going to
move in here as well, but one of them goes home with me and doesn't
want to move his last transfer. It is good because we have access to
all of the furniture so we can get what is best and put it in our

That was my week in a nutshell. I am excited to see you guys!

I love you!