Monday, March 31, 2014

Why did Mitt Romney lose the election?

So we actually taught a hand full of lessons this week. 1st we taught a guy named Craig who we have been trying to get in contact with for about a month now. So we were walking into our area at about 2 pm, and once we got just inside of our area we stopped on the bridge where we crashed and stood there for about 30 minutes just trying to decide what we should do. So after about 30 minutes we started walking slowly again into our area. We had noticed a guy behind us a little ways back and didn't even think about it. So after about another 15 minutes of walking slowly we heard him yell something so we went back and talked to him and it turned out to be Craig!
So we walked over to a bus stop that we were at and sat with him. We talked for about 90 minutes. All of our conversation was basically answering a bunch of questions that he had. He had already had contact with missionaries in Detroit as well as in New York and now in Virginia! So he had a couple of simple questions about Joseph  Smith and the first vision which we were able to answer with ease.
So he was like hold on, he pulled out his phone and called his pastor. He told him that he was with us right now and if he had one question what would it be. The pastor said that he didn't have any questions because we didn't have any real answers. We sat there like wow, what a mean dude. But about 2 minutes later his phone starts vibrating with a bunch of texts. So my initial thought was these questions are going to be super hard coming from a pastor, but they were actually the most frequent questions.
Explain the trinity. Super easy. Acts 7 talks about God and Jesus Christ standing on his right side.  2 The end of revelation said that there is no more scripture and that no one can add to it. We explained that this was written even before some of the other books in the bible, and as well that it says that in other books in the bible. Number three was just a stupid question that i think was supposed to just be a jab at us. It was, Have you reached the point of wearing magic underwear and why did Mitt Romney lose the election.
So it was easy to answer to answer those questions and he seems really promising. He said that he was going to come to church when we saw him on Saturday, but he wasn't there yesterday so that was kind of a bummer.
Our second lesson was with a guy named Tom. Tommy is a guy who was in the area book who i had never met before so we decided to try to go see him on Friday night. We had just got elder Wagner's bike back from the shop. So we were down checking on another investigator that we had and it turned out that he moved so that was a real bummer. We were right there and i had the thought to go by his house and see him. We were at his house for about 2 hours. He is a used car salesman and he talks really fast. So Thursday night, the day before we got there, he decided to read some of the Book of Mormon. So it was a tender mercy us showing up right at the right time.
We talked for a while on all different subjects. We couldn't keep it pointed in one certain direction. He is moving Tuesday morning and we are going to go help him. He doesn't quite know where he is going just yet. So he actually is a felon who was convicted like 5 times, but since cleaned up his life. He has a roommate that isn't doing the smartest things so he wants to get away from that. We are going to help him and hopefully he ends up still in our boundries. We also got to play some darts with him so that was pretty fun.
Our third lesson was with a guy on his doorstep. Taught the restoration to him, and we are going back next Sunday.
So my knee and elbow are still a little screwed up, just taking forever to heal. My bike didn't get any damage and for that i am really grateful. There is an elder who went through about 12 bikes on his mission. I don't want to end up like that. I think My suit at home still fits. I don't think i have tried it on in a while. Have dad try in on and if its to big for him then send it. I am always up for more ties. So if you are ever in Orem don't be afraid to get me some. I you see any paisly ties, get those :) 
Im still jealous about the boat. Tell dad he cant sit there. That is mine. Don't you touch my chair! That's ok, i can wait another 18 months for it. I dont need to go to the dentist. Nothing hurts yet, and they are pearly white. kinda. Yes i brush my teeth and floss actually quite regularly so for that you should thank me. You finally got it through my thick skull.
We are still getting along really well which is good. i will definately send pics. We are going on a bike ride today and i will take a bunch.
I love you guys  I'm glad everything is good at home. Enjoy that new boat, im sure you will. Thank you for your support in all that i do!
Love Elder Laing

Monday, March 24, 2014

Transfers and No Food!!

Good morning!!! So today is another preparation day! So we have no
idea what we are going to do today. They made a rule about segregation
between elders and sister on preparation day now so we don't have the
gym to go play basketball. not that i could play anyways with my
stupid knee.

So we were basically going over a bridge on the sidewalk and elder
Wagner got in between the guardrail and me and basically his front
tire hit my back tire and we hit the ground and i ate dirt. I really
liked those pants. Hopefully it wont take to long to get another pair.

That's cool you got to go to the temple, i haven't been in about 6
months now. I want to go soon but i don't know when. So elder Wagner
and i actually came out at the same time. I was really surprised to
hear that we would be together. So far we are getting along great and
i think it is going to stay that way.

So basically we had a gallon of milk left, half a jar of grape jelly,
some peanut butter, 1 loaf of bread, and that was basically all that
was left. So it really sucked, but now we have food! Just got done
shopping. Elder Greenwood and i got along, but nothing really past
that. We could pretty much stand each other. So i was glad when he
left. I have only been with my last two companions 6 weeks each, i
wonder if this time it will be longer.

We don't really have anybody we are teaching. Last transfer we taught a
total of 3 lessons. That was really bad. Hoping this transfer will be

So Saturday when we got in the wreck we were just on our way back from
riding about 40 miles. I'm just glad we were close to our house.

Glad to know that everything is alright.

Love you guys!

Elder Laing

Sunday, March 23, 2014

First Bike Wreck!

Hey, so today is Sunday right before sacrament and I thought that I
would let you know that I am going to be sending missionary mall
another pants request. I crashed pretty bad on my bike last night and
tore up the knee. I'm fine no worries just thought I would let you
know :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 3, 2014

 It was nice to talk to you yesterday. We are at the library today, we were over at the computers in our apartment complex and before I knew it the internet quit working. So here we are. I was also planning on sending some pictures,  but I didn't bring my camera. So we have been working super hard recently. We have a list of about 10 potential investigators so we are hoping to capitalize on those opportunities. On Saturday we decided to bike to the top of our area. Don't ask me why. It didn't really start that way, we just decided to start riding and see where we end up. So we did a bunch of exploring. It was still nice on that day, about 55 so it was good for biking right before the snow hit. So we clocked a total of about 30 miles on bikes on Saturday. Then came back and went to dinner with our district. We are having a lot of fun here. I am finally getting adjusted to the area. We taught 6 member lessons. Which is where we teach the members the lessons that we teach investigators. That is the most productive thing we have done recently so that's good. We have transfers on the 20, so just about 2 weeks. If all goes according to plan we will have the ipads tomorrow. We have all lost our excitement now so its kinda whatev at this point. We were excited 4 months ago but not any more. With the new ipads there will be a whole set of rules implemented though. Just what we need, more rules. So everything is awesome here, we will have an awesome week because we are going to work really hard. Love you!!!!!