Monday, April 28, 2014

I saved myself $300.00

 Well I cut my thumb pretty bad and it definitly needed stitches, so I went to the Doctor and they told me that they wouldn't accept the insurance and that it would cost me $300.00. So my Companion and I went home and I super glued it shut. It's been about a week now and my thumb is healing up really well. We didnt teach any lessons this week so it has been pretty slow. We are still having fun here in centreville, but we think our area is getting closed this transfer, so chances are ia am heading somewhere new. I am kind of glad that im leaving just so i can get a fresh start. I am getting along with every body, but i want something new. Take Care everyone!

Selfies in our awesome helmets!
Elder Laing and Elder Wagner

Monday, April 7, 2014

A talk with Muhammed....

This week has been pretty good. So last Monday another elder in our district and i went on a bike ride. We didn't really feel like playing basketball so we did that instead. We road out to a big open pit mine and that was pretty cool. Then we went and checked out a little bit of bull run. I guess that is where winter quarters was during the civil war. Pretty cool to be near all of the history, just makes me wish that i would have paid more attention to history during high school.
So Tuesday we had an appointment with one of our investigators Craig. So we went to his house and he wasn't home and it was about 7 so we didn't really know what to do from there. Somehow we ended up on a bike trail then right at the edge of our area on the road that we take to go home. So it was about 8:30 and we didn't know what to do since it was so late. We noticed a guy walking the other direction so we decided to talk to him. We ended up walking with him and teaching him the first lesson. On the way when we were walking we actually had Craig come from the other direction. So we set up another return appointment with him. It was kind of a bummer because that appointment fell through as well. So we talked with Muhammed, (the guy on the road) and he had a bunch of questions about the Book of Mormon and the bible. We invited him to be baptized if he came to know that the gospel is true, and his response, "ABSOLUTELY NOT"  It kinda caught me off guard a little bit. So hopefully this week we will be able to meet with him.
Wednesday and Thursday were not very exciting days. Wednesday we did some service at the thrift shop right up the street that was fun but my allergies really get to me when we serve there.  Thursday we were riding around through a neighborhood, and from behind we heard "hey missionaries"
So we went over there and there was 2 member kids and two of there friends. So we played a 4 vs. 2 game. We had to win. We couldn't let kids beat us. But we should have let them win.
Friday we taught a lesson to one of our more promising investigators. We shared Mosiah 18 and talked a lot about baptism. We had one of the members over with us and he talked most of the time so that was good. I like it when members teach for me.
I enjoyed conference a lot. I really enjoyed Elder Oaks talk during priesthood session. It really related back to women and the priesthood. I have never really asked you what you have thought about the group "ordain women" I have seen a lot of it on facebook recently. Elder Oaks stated that the first presidency and the quorem of the 12 don't have the authority to ordain women to offices in the priesthood. I thought it was really powerful. Sister Reeves talk was also really good. It really hit on a topic that is more serious than ever.
So that was my week in a nutshell. Other than that some random stuff that happened.
1. I broke a chair, and in doing so bruised the entire right side of my body.
2. I rode my bike through a river.
3. Did some wrestling last night and now i am really sore from a 300 pound man sitting on me.
4. I saw a dog. And he was cute.
5. I have 6 open wounds on my body.
6. I'm getting a watch tan, basically all of my arm is tan, except for where my watch goes.
Other than those i got nothing. Today is going to be fun. It is currently raining and we might go on another ride, or play some ball.  You guys have to send me more pictures. I wanna see the side yard. How about the basement, how is it doing?
That's no good about your eyes. I hope that i don't have those problems for a while. I still have good vision and i need to keep it.
I love you so much, that's awesome that your reading the Book of Mormon ,I'm currently in about Alma 48 i think. So i am right by you. Thanks for eveyrthing you do for me, and your continued support!!!
Love you!!!
Elder Laing