Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Temple Night

Blake decided that he didn't want to wait to go the Temple. It has been so rewarding as a parent to see one of our sons go the Temple. It made me feel like Corey and I had done everything right in raising him, although Blake has always been a good kid. He has always wanted to do what is right, and has always had a testimony of Jesus Christ. We went through the Vernal Utah  Temple on  July 9, 2013. Both sets of Blake's Grandparents, Grandpa and Grandma McBride and Grandpa and Grandma Laing were there along with some of his aunts and uncles, Eric and Becky, Kevin and Ralene, and Spencer his cousin. I felt like Blake walked into the Temple that day  a boy, but walked out of the Temple a young man! Totally Awesome!! The Temple President asked Blake to work in the Temple until he goes on his mission. He was also set apart as a temple worker that evening. He will be working every Tuesday evening for 6 hours. What a great opportunity  for Blake to learn and grow so much spiritually. 

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