Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day before Departing

The day before Blake left to go into the MTC was a busy one. Of course we didn't pack until that afternoon, and it was nice, because it was just me and Blake, the kids were at school, so we didn't have any body interupting us. We went through the lists, and got it all in with room to spare:) Including a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper...haha

Blake will be riding a bike on his mission. So we decided to save some money and use the bike that Corey took on his Mission. It is a really nice heavy duty bike, but it needed a little updating. So we took the bike over to Altitude cycle in Vernal and had them do a complete tune-up on the Bike and make sure all cables and everything was new. They did an awesome job and it only cost $150.00. We have to ship the Bike to the Mission home in Washington DC, so today Blake and his Dad took the handlebars off and a tire, and fit it into a bike box. 

I keep asking Blake if doing all of these things like packing and getting the Bike ready is making him nervous or excited.....he just smiles and sais, What is there to be nervous about! I'm just excited!

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