Monday, March 24, 2014

Transfers and No Food!!

Good morning!!! So today is another preparation day! So we have no
idea what we are going to do today. They made a rule about segregation
between elders and sister on preparation day now so we don't have the
gym to go play basketball. not that i could play anyways with my
stupid knee.

So we were basically going over a bridge on the sidewalk and elder
Wagner got in between the guardrail and me and basically his front
tire hit my back tire and we hit the ground and i ate dirt. I really
liked those pants. Hopefully it wont take to long to get another pair.

That's cool you got to go to the temple, i haven't been in about 6
months now. I want to go soon but i don't know when. So elder Wagner
and i actually came out at the same time. I was really surprised to
hear that we would be together. So far we are getting along great and
i think it is going to stay that way.

So basically we had a gallon of milk left, half a jar of grape jelly,
some peanut butter, 1 loaf of bread, and that was basically all that
was left. So it really sucked, but now we have food! Just got done
shopping. Elder Greenwood and i got along, but nothing really past
that. We could pretty much stand each other. So i was glad when he
left. I have only been with my last two companions 6 weeks each, i
wonder if this time it will be longer.

We don't really have anybody we are teaching. Last transfer we taught a
total of 3 lessons. That was really bad. Hoping this transfer will be

So Saturday when we got in the wreck we were just on our way back from
riding about 40 miles. I'm just glad we were close to our house.

Glad to know that everything is alright.

Love you guys!

Elder Laing

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