Monday, June 23, 2014

Ticks!!!! Ticks Everywhere!

So i had 3 ticks this week. Now i know what your thinking, but dont freak out. I got them out only a couple hours after they bit. I called sister Riggs and she told me that I could go on the antibiotic, or just watch it and see if anything happens. So i just decided to wait and see what happens. Who knows, maybe ill get da limes. But i highly highly doubt it. Dont worry, i will be fine.
So this morning we have already gone fishing. We went with one of our recent converts that we are working with. He is still trying to quit smoking so he can get the priesthood and go to the temple. He is an awesome guy. I am the only one who caught anything. It was about a 18 inch large mouth bass. It was fun. Just a stress relief from the life of a missionary.
Thats kinda funny that you guys had a bear up there. On this last saturday we almost hit a bear in our car. Just a small black bear, but still cool to see. There are tons of dear out here too. We were driving through some of the more rural parts of our area and i think we saw close to 15. So we have to go really slow so we dont hit any.
So we are still trying to find more people to teach. We just do a whole lot of member teaching, and also less active and recent converts. So thats all of the lessons that we teach. We teach very few investigator lessons sadly, but that will change eventually. We are still doing a lot of service. Eventually that will lead to something. Service is the key to the heart. So we were over at the hazels not to long ago, and she wanted to take us to some more historical sights so i think that those will be fun.
There has been a lot of rain here. When it decides to rain it isnt just a little bit, it is just a down pour. Its crazy how fast it will move in.
When you were talking about the girls being homesick, i was thinking back to my scout camps. On the week longs i dont think anybody was very homesick at all. And not a whole lot of tears either. It was just a party the whole time, and i am pretty sure that we drove the leaders nuts. Haha good times.
Other than that, i dont think that we have had anything super exciting happen. But most of the time it is exciting, i am just used to it by now.
I love you so much. Thanks for all you do!!!

Love Elder Laing

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