Monday, June 16, 2014

Arlington Cemetery and Air and Space Museum

Air and Space Museum
Washington DC

We have been pretty busy these past couple of weeks. Since  Elder Tolle was going home we had a bunch of departing missionary stuff and some other stuff we had to do which made us jam packed. Last monday as you know we went to arlington, and to the air and space museum. It was really cool. And yes we did get to see the changing of the gaurd. It was very calm and peaceful. We got to see them play taps, and it reminded me of grandpa powell.
It was pretty wierd to see him go. I could tell he was done after about a week into last transfer. But he is home now and everything has gotten back to normal for the most part. So i am the designated driver now so i drive every single day. It gets old after a while. I like being the passenger. But whatevs.
Elder Taylor has been out about 14 months. He is from a little town just outside of ogden. He is a cool dude, and i think we are going to get along really well. Im really looking forward to the next couple of months. 
We dont really have any plans for today. might go play some basket ball, but nothing set. We want to find a place to go mountain biking here, but we dont know if there are any spots.
We still dont have anyone we are teaching consistently. Got a few potentials that we will work with. There is a part member family that we are going to work with soon. He said that he is going to get baptized he just doesnt know when.
I dont think i need anything. I am running a little bit short on money. I dont know how, but i am. I still have my home card just in case.
I love you!
Elder Blake Laing

Arlington Cemetery
Washington DC

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