Monday, August 11, 2014

What a great week!!

Hi Everyone, 
 We were able to go to the Temple with one of our  investigators. So we stayed in the visitors center the entire time, while the youth of the ward went and did baptisms. So I did have my recommend, just couldn't leave our investigator.
I wish that I had more pictures to send, but I haven't taken a whole lot lately. And yes my companion is a small dude. He is from bountiful. We don't always get along, but that's something that we are working on.
We actually have had a very busy, and successful week. Well...success compared to the normal in the mission. So we had a total of 8 lessons this week. A lot of those are on the same days. A total of 5 new investigators. The mission average is about 2 per companionship, so we were able to go above and beyond. AND.....WE PUT 2 OF THOSE INVESTIGATORS ON DATE TO BE BAPTISED!!!!  One of august 30th, and one on September 6th. So We are really excited for those. Its pretty interesting though, most of the investigators we have, are youth. I guess that's a good thing though.
We also had a total of 7 non members come to church. Miraculous because the average is less than one. Very interesting week. We also had a bunch of referrals from members so that was good. Hopefully we can do something with those as well. We actually got a call last night at 11:40 from our mission president. So when we looked at the phone this morning we saw that.
We called him back and he just wanted to congratulate us on a stellar week. Which we were grateful for. Hopefully this week will also be a good one.
I love you! happy anniversary!! I will try to send some pictures!
Love your son!

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