Monday, September 8, 2014

She has a Testimony but doesn't realize it!

This week has been another good week. It was a little bit slower than
usual but that's okay. So as you know this last week was transfers. Our
whole district got the call that we were going to be all staying.
Yesterday we were talking to some elders in the Brambleton ward who
were in our district and they said that we switched districts. So we
did have some change after all.

We are still working with a couple of people. Our youth investigators
are an interesting situation. We are rarely meeting with them and it
is looking like they are not going to be baptized. They don't have a
desire yet. I guess we will see how that goes and how we will be able
to help them. Another lady we have been working with has come to
church 3 times. She really likes all of what we talk about and she
agrees with pretty much everything that we say.

We have brought up baptism with her multiple times and she said that
she doesn't feel ready yet and if she feels like she is pushed into
things she backs off. So we have to take it really slow with her. We
have met with her 3 times, every time it has been in a members home.
We think that she is going to be baptized. She has a testimony she
just doesn't realize it.

So Saturday night we went to a members home to visit with some less
actives and non members. They had the BYU Texas game on so we may have
seen the first half. Had some good food, some good drinks. We also
went to Fuddruckers with a member the other night. I had the best
burger i have had in a long time.

We have our year mark in 10 days. Excited for that. This is a short
transfer i found out. So i am only going to be with my current
companion for 4 1/2 more weeks. That will be good.

One of my good buddies from the mtc is now in my zone so that is going
to be a party. This is going to be an interesting transfer. But i
think that it will be fun.

Love you guys!!!

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