Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Crazy Drunk Friend.....

This has been another good week for us. Last Monday we played some
ultimate frisby, as well as a little bit of football. It felt really
good to do some physical activity. The problem is, is that I think I
have shin splints. This whole week my upper shins right below my knees
have been super sore. I haven't had access to a computer to figure out
how to help it. Oh well.

We didn't teach anybody his week. I guess technically we did see
Cornelius again this week and we were able to talk with him. We were
walking down king street as he walked out of subway we met up right
there. It's no longer just a coincidence that we keep seeing him. It's
never in the same place. We were talking for a while and eventually he
asked us what he was doing wrong. He said since we were friends he
wanted to know. So we told him that he needs to stop drinking. Every
time that we talk to him we can smell alcohol on his breath.

He really wants a shirt and tie like we have and luckily we have an
extra suit in our apartment that was left by an Elder that went home a
couple months ago. We were r going to take it to a donation bin, but
now we are going to give it to him. We think that he might go
somewhere from here. Before it was just our crazy drunk friend, but
now we are going to try to teach him.

Not a whole lot else has happened. As you know we did meet those
people from Texas. They gave us 25 bucks for either dinner or
breakfast. We are always super appreciative. We have it chillin on our
fridge right now and we will probably end up getting some groceries
with it.

I am excited to talk to you guys this weekend. We will talk during the
week and figure out a time. Sorry this email is short, but not a lot

Love you guys!

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