Monday, August 24, 2015

I am an Office Elder

Hello everyone!

So...interesting week to say the least. First of all I will explain my
move. We were at our place on Thursday afternoon just chillin with the
other elders that lived across the street. We get a call around 4:15
from our mission president. I didn't really think anything of it so
when my companion said it was for me I was a little concerned. I
answered the phone and he told me that he would like for me to serve
the next 4 weeks in the office. So I am now in another tripanionship
working as an office elder. Basically our job is to make sure that the
mission stays running. So we move furniture, deliver necessary items
all across the mission, and many many more. I just feel like a
mailman. And I'm tired.

We live in a town home so that's nice. It's a little old and run down,
but it is a lot roomier than a normal apartment. We live with the
assistants which is weird. It's fine though. We barely see each other
and at night I'm so tired I go home and basically go straight to bed.
We are also in charge of everything to do with iPads. It was
interesting to know this morning as we were working with a few that we
were handling about 20,000$ worth of electronics. And that's just ones
that we are sending back to salt lake to let them do things with it.
Another perk of being in the office is that we have a vehicle. More
specifically a 2015 Chevy Silverado. So I thoroughly enjoy driving a
truck around.

Um in regards to if I have thought at all about what I want to do, I
have given it a tiny bit of thought, but no specifics. I definitely
want to do something with my hands. I have thought possibly about
electrical engineering or something along those lines. Possibly
mechanical engineering. But that was just a thought. I really don't
have any idea. I know I want to get a job and work for a little bit.
So that's my "plan".

Good for Spencer. I just say way to go. Getting it done. I don't know
if I want to get married that fast, but I definitely don't want to
wait a really long time.

So that's all that happened this week. I think this is a good change,
but I am sad to leave since I was in a good group. But it will be

Love you guys!

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