Monday, September 2, 2013

Last family trip for a few years

We didn't go far, but we were together! We knew this would be the last family trip for a few years and with a missionary going out, we wouldn't be able to do a huge trip, but that didn't matter. A good time was had by all. We left here early on Saturday morning and met Brandon at the Timpanogos Temple. It was the first time that we had all of our boys in the Temple together. What a wonderful feeling that was for Corey and I, knowing that they were all there serving. After we did Baptisms, we took them to the cafeteria for Lunch. They say now that they have eaten Temple Food! It was really good, but for four growing boys, not quite enough!

 I love seeing all of my boys dressed in their white shirts and ties. These are our Missionaries, and I hope that they will all follow the example of Blake and serve their Heavenly Father.

I love this Picture of Blake, not sure what he's thinking or even what he is laughing at, but this is Blake's true personality, always smiling, having fun, and always Joking.

These two guys have become pretty close lately. We are very proud of both of them, and now that they are out on their own, we know that they will be great in whatever they choose to do with their lives! They are such great examples for their younger brothers.

On Sunday, we went to the Salt Lake City Cemetery and used a map to locate where some of the LDS prophets are buried. It was a spiritual experience also, as we read about each prophet.  When President Hinckley passed away, we were living in American Fork, and were able to go up to the Conference Center to the viewing. President Hinckley was the Prophet that my older boys grew up with, so they have always loved him. 

    We had no idea that Porter Rockwell was buried there so it was quite a surprise to happen upon his resting place. Corey told the boys a little about him and how he was a body guard to the Prophet Joseph Smith.

 Monday was labor day, and we took in a movie together, lunch and some shopping. It was a fun time to be together as a family....the last time in a long time I'm sure!

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