Friday, October 4, 2013

He made it to the Washington DC South Mission!!

     We just received a letter from Blake today, it was short and sweet, basically just telling us that he made it. It sounds like he will love it! We were able to talk to him last Wednesday morning when he got to the airport. He is well, happy,exausted  and full of the spirit! He was anxious to get to the Mission Field. He said that the last two weeks have been crazy, so much information, so much learning. He feels like he hasn't slept at all, only napped. was so good to hear his voice! He has already grown so much. We miss him so much, and even though I'm not suppose to tell him that, I did, but I wouldn't want him anywhere else. He is going to be fantastic!! He would love to receive letters!! His new address is :
Elder Blake Laing
20030 Coltsfoot Terrace
Apart. # 101
Ashburn, VA 20147                                                                                                
He writes:I
Arrived in Virginia on wednesday, met my mission president who owns a lawfirm in arizona and has like 10 lawyers working for him so i know now how he has so much money. I absolutely love him, hes funny and serious all at the same time. When we talked on wednesday night, i figured out that he is going to give us all the assistance we need, but he expects a lot and will treat us like adults so that will be good. Love my companion, he is from montana and has been out for 4 months. Other than that its not P day so i cant stay long. just wanted to let you know that im good. I am going to get a library card so i need a letter or something with my new address in the mail. just send something through dear elder if you could that would be great. My address is 20030 coltsfoot terrace apartment 101 Ashburn VA 20147   
Love Elder Laing

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