Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hey are you guys Mormons?

Hi Guys,        
Sorry I didnt get to you yesturday, it was columbus day and so they aloud us to ocme write emails today. I wanted to see your new car, but i dont think it got attatched so try sending it again. Where did they split the ward boundries? Who is the bishop and counslers weather they changed or are the same?  I have realized since coming out here that. Its not all about today, there is more to come after high school and when you move out. You dont see how the gospel truly blesses people. In the month that i have been out here i think that i have grown up so much and have learned so much more than i thought i ever could. So what is your calling? What is dads calling? what else has changed? When i got here the day after was transfer meeting and my bike was waiting for me, so i have it and everything works still on it. I am in a biking area, and i think because of that i think that im loosing a little bit of weight so thats a good thing. I got the package you sent and was very appreciative. I am trying to eat healthier so that didnt really help out but a little treat never hurt anyone. The reason i only spent 12 dollars was i only buy apples, bananas, milk, bread, eggs, and cereal. The members feed us every night so i only have to worry about breakfast. I shouldnt be spending anymore on my debit card, because they gave us another debit card and we get 165 a week, and the reason i used my home is because i forgot my pin number, but i have it now. This week we are only teaching a couple of people, one in particular is named warren. He works at a hotel as an engineer and is a total stud. I think he is truly prepared for us. My companion is from Miles city Montana. he is a great guy! The 4 of us in our apartment went to the mall yesterday and had fun just hanging out. One other thing that happened there, we were waiting for our ride outside of dicks sporting goods, and a guy and his girlfriend were walking in, and he was like "Hey are you guys Mormons?  Us: Ya. Him: Your church sucks!"  His voice quivered at the end and it was kind of funny. We just smiled thanked him and told him to have a nice day. :)  So everything here is great. Loving life, working hard! Hope everything will stay great at home. 

Love your son,
         Elder Laing

     These Pictures are on the day after Blake arrived in the Mission. This is his Mission President and his Wife- President and Sister Riggs. There were 31 missionaries on the flight to DC, all going to the Washington DC South Mission!
If anyone wants to send Elder Laing a letter or Package, his address is:
Elder Blake Laing                                  E-mail: blake.laing@myldsmail.net
20030 Coltsfoot Terrace #101
Ashburn VA 20147

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