Friday, October 25, 2013

15 bags of Garbage.....hmmmm

Hi Everyone,                                                                                       Oct. 25, 2013
I got your letters from the 18th. Its really good to hear from home every now and again. Right now we have 1 progressing investigator. The hotel engineer that I talked a little bit about earlier. He is very solid and we plan on putting him on a baptism date on Monday. Other than that we have now other progressing investigators. We have taught a couple of first lessons but nothing beyond that. So life here is still the same. The reason I get to email on Fridays is because we do progress records, and we switch off every week and they don't take that long to do. I can flex my quads now which is a little weird. I can bike pretty easily now. We ride about ten miles every day, so it sucks but its getting easier. There is 4 of us in our apartment, we had a major cleaning day yesterday and had 15 bags of garbage and other stuff we didn't want. So there is a lot more room now and it is actually enjoyable to be in there. I didn't get any pictures again. I am going to guess that they filter them so if you want you can send them to my other email and I can go on and get them that way. We will continue to work hard and it is so weird that its already been 5 weeks. Days go slow, weeks go fast. no idea how that works. We have transfer meeting in 3 weeks and I am hoping that nothing changes in our apartment. So the other elders with us got a car on Tuesday so they are able to drive us to the church and here to the library which is nice because its a 2 mile ride in the wind which is not fun. I am a little jealous because it is a 2014 Chevy cruize. So it is a very nice car. We had district meetings yesterday and they announced that in December that our mission in getting IPhones and Ipads. So the church is using the new technology to help us further the work. We are also getting Facebook. so maybe in a few months look for me :) Will continue to work hard and I hope to hear from you again on Monday.
Love Elder Laing

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