Sunday, November 24, 2013

Two month mark....

November 18, 2013
Dear Family,                             
Thats awesome that everything is still good back home. When you said that brandon had just got done with alma 34 i thought that was a little strange, because today in our companionship study we were in alma 32 where it talks about faith is like a little seed, if you plant it, then it will grow. We have an investigator, Julia, who we taught about a month ago and we gave her a book of mormon, we went back saturday night and talked with her again and we were going to discuss what she read. So nothing spectacular planned for her but we asked her and she told us that she had read the entire book! so we couldnt really discuss it all. She is a budhist so she didnt pray about it but she meditated, which is just a little different and we asked her if she would pray about it. The problem is, is that we dont think she read it like scripture, she read it like a novel. She told us that at times it got a little dry and was hard to get through it. So thats what tipped it off for us. The reason we were studying faith was because we told here to reread that chapter in alma. Anyways nothing really new with anything else. That was our first lesson in 2 weeks, out of the close to 50 we had planned. Our investigator warren has still not been in contact with us, at church we talked to a guy who works there too, and were hoping that he can tell us if something up. Other than that nothing happens thats spectactular just more tracting and finding people to teach. I am excited to talk to you all at christmas, only about 7 weeks left. Today is my two month mark, it feels weird. Has gone by faster than i expected so thats a good thing. I love you all again!!!!!! Hope to hear from you soon!!!
Love Elder Laing

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