Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

Dear Family,    
Its kind of interesting that there are elders doing just what were doing in Roosevelt as well. i can promise you that missionaries love to do service. it is an awesome thing and gives us a change of pace. I always enjoyed raking the leaves and there are tons here so hopefully we get some service opportunity. Yesterday was veterans day so of course the library was closed so that's why we are emailing today. Some days definitly  are hard and i have the occasional "what am i doing in the middle of Virginia?" but they do pass and are rare occurrences. Its hard, no two ways about it. It is also the greatest life experienced i have had so far. Yesterday for p-day we went ice skating. That was also really fun and a change of pace. The bishop bought us hats from the world series so now i have a hat :)  What did you think of the painting i bought? you never told me. Anyways its been a week since we have met with warren. We haven't been able to get in any sort of contact with him and we are starting to worry so we are hoping that everything is alright. So today we learned that we can now use facebook so in about 2 hours i will set up my new account. so stoked for that. Everything else is the same!!! Hope everything is good at home. Sounds like it from what you send me!!! The Bishop took us to the mall and bought us these hats from the World Series. He is a really cool Bishop. The members are really good to feed us. We are fed every night, and because they treat it like a special occasion, we get fed really good food. Love Elder Laing

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