Monday, January 13, 2014

Update on Elder Laing!

Update on Elder Laing:

     Blake and I were able to catch each other online this morning and were able to e-mail each other back and forth, which is so much fun, but then i don't get a letter. But I wanted to give you all an update on how he is doing. He is still serving in Ashburn, VA. His Companion is Elder Hinton from Gilbert Arizona. He really likes him and says that they get along great! Elder Hinton has only been out a month longer than Blake. They are still doing a lot of trackting and finding little success. It has been a little discouraging for them, but they are keeping their heads up!
     They have had one baptismal date for   ......, (Blake told me today that they had been asked not to use real names of their investigators in blogs, so per his request I will not). They require  that investigators attend church 3 times before they are baptized. .........has accepted the invitation to be baptized, but has had a hard time coming to Church. Once again he wasn't there on Sunday after he told the Elders that he would be. So his baptismal date will be put off again.
     They are actually teaching a family of six from Peru also.  They taught them the first lesson and will be teaching them the second lesson on Friday. Mom and Dad and four boys.
We keep praying for all of his investigators and for Blake and his companion to find some success in the area they are serving in. I'm sure that he would appreciate your prayers also!
     Blake's companion cut his head and had to get 3 staples put in it, so they are going to have to take it easy this week per Dr.'s orders. Blake is really loving his mission. He said that he takes it one day at a time, and is glad that he is their serving our Father in Heaven. He wouldn't be able to do it without his help.  Blake would love to receive letters from any of you! His e-mail address is

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