Monday, January 27, 2014

Ripped Pants!

Hi Everyone, 
Saturday we went to best buy, my companion wanted to buy a mp3 player. Ya it feels weird that another week has already passed. The weeks are hard. We do still go out in the cold, but it really is no fun. We do a little bit of tracting, but not a whole ton. We have a couple of investigators still. We sill have the Pentacostal  family who we went to church with. The reason we did that is so that hopefully it is sort of a trade off. And now they will come to our church.

We still have the  family from Peru. They were actually supposed to be at church on Sunday, but didnt show up. The dad works on Sundays, and the rest of them dont speak great english. We might end up giving them to the spanish elders to take over for us. 

Warren missed his baptismal date again. We havent really been in contact with him too much. He is so hard to catch at his house, and he doesnt answer his phone. We are going to continue to work with him, but at this point it will probably be after i leave that he will be baptized. 

Im glad that chase has the opportunity to be a leader in the quorum. It will be good for him to have to set the example and not just be the crazy one all the time. I loved klondike. Just a good opportunity for him to freeze his butt off!

This weekend has been pretty exciting. We had a mission conference where Elder S. Gifford Neilson of the seventy talk to us. He is one of the people that spoke in conference. That was really fun. When i was the i got to talk to talk to my really good friend, Elder Harper who was the 24 year old who came out with me. We got talking and i figured out that my companion from the mtc, went home. 
Seems like there is a ton of people going home. When i was talking to him he said that he has looked at plane tickets because he is so stressed out. I told him to just hold on. Chances are he will be getting transfered when i do. I hope he stays!!

Crazy to think of all the people coming home on time now. Seems like just yesterday that they left. There are a lot of people out here that i have connections to. There is an elder out here who was in Brandons graduating class, and also a whole bunch from vernal. Weird stuff. 

Havent heard from spencer or tyson recently, i sent them both an email so hopefully i will get something this week. Sounds like a really fun weekend. Have fun. Just do something crazy and different. I figured out that the thing that i miss most from home is my freedom. So i tell people to enjoy it now :)  I guess it will just be that much better when i get home. 

On friday before our lesson, we stopped by roy and brennas house, and roy was over getting the mail. So we walked over there and he was holding a snow skate. So of course i had to try it. So i was doing it a bunch and it was tons of fun. Only crashed a couple of times. So when we were sitting in our lesson i realized that i had ripped my pants from the bottom of my zipper to about halfway up my behind. So that was really embarrassing, and not to mention that we walked all over a store right before our lesson, and i had ripped pants. So thats my excitement for the week!!!  

Love you all, thanks for your support. I will let you know if i get transferred!!!

Love your son,

Elder Laing

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