Monday, July 28, 2014

Back in Ashburn

So i am back in  Ashburn...not the place that i wanted to be. I was not very happy last Tuesday night when we got the call. So i guess i just have to make the best of it. My new companion is Elder Wilson. He has been out the same amount of time as me. We were in the west campus together. It was kind of interesting  yesterday at church. I had a bunch of the members in the Ashburn ward look at me, then look away then look back with a confused look on their face. I talked to a bunch of them. It was good to at least know a few people.

I was talking to the sister missionaries who are now in the Ashburn ward. I actually knew them both while they were in my last zone. So they said that they don't have an area book. When they whitewashed they gave them 2 former investigators and 1 less active to work with. They asked me yesterday if i could make a list of people to go see. So that's what i did most of the morning. They also said that a lot of trust with the members is gone because of an Elder that came after me.

They told me that occasionally they use my name to get into some places. They tell them that I referred them. They told me that my name carries some weight with it, so i was happy to see that at left a good impression on the members. We don't have a car in this area sadly, but i am pretty sure that it is one of the smallest areas in the mission.  I am going to have to use my home card today to get groceries. I have 5 bucks left on my mission card and we have no food in our apartment. 

I hope the boat was ok! I know how you feel with the work and sleep thing. Sometimes its hard to write home because nothing to exciting happened. Just normal missionary work. Today we don't know what were going to do. Without a car to get anywhere its difficult.

There are no Elders anywhere near us so we only spend time in our apartment. In all my other areas we have been able to hang out with other elders. So i guess we will see how this is.

I love you guys. Thanks for the support!!!

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