Monday, July 21, 2014

Another Crazy week in Virginia

So its been another crazy week here in Virginia. A couple of different things happened. So on Wednesday we had to go to centreville. Basically back to my old area for a doctors appointment that elder Taylor had. After the appointment we went over to the centreville apartments. We went up to one and elder Wagner was there, (my old companion) and elder Payne who is another guy i got to be friends with. So they were on an exchange so us 4 went and had lunch. We were going to invite elder McDonald, but they had stuff that they had to do. So that was a pretty good day.
On Saturday night we took out a member from our ward who is home for medical stuff from his mission. So we went and saw a couple of people with him. So we got back to his house at about 9:30, and we helped them move a tarp so it could dry over night. So elder Taylor put his ipad on top of the car when we helped and never got it off. So we got all the way home and he realized that he had left it on the top of the car. 
So we grabbed our roommates and we went to look for it. So it wasn't in their driveway so we had the other elders sit in the trunk looking for it out the back, elder Taylor with a light in the front seat and me driving. So we get about 500 feet down the road and there was a break in the white line on the side of the road, and that was the ipad. Everybody jumped in the car and we went and returned the lights. We were surprised that we found it because the distance between our 2 houses is about 15 miles.
We were low on gas so we had to get some since it was Saturday night. So we go to 7-11 and fill up. On the way back to our apartment we all wanted pizza so we went to little ceasars 10 minutes before they closed. So we ordered and we were the only ones in there. Elder schenk dared me to drink a whole 2 liter in 3 minutes. We were talking about it for a little bit and then the girl behind the counter chimes in and said that if i could do it, that it would be free. So of course i had to try. I downed that sucker in about 2 minutes. an entire 2 liter. I felt a little sick afterwards. So we were behind our apartment and i threw up. Pretty nasty.
That was our adventure for Saturday night. And the ipad was fine surprisingly considering my led foot. We are fully booked for this week. With transfers and everything else. I didnt get a call last night so i think i dodged leadership again. I guess we will see how this week goes. Have fun in california!!!
Love you guys!!

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