Monday, July 14, 2014

Leftovers forever!

I'm glad that you guys got to go out to see Christopher's farewell. I was messaging him yesterday morning before he spoke. He had a couple of questions on what he should take and other stuff like that. He really will be an awesome missionary. I think that pulled pork sandwiches are the classic group food. Not to difficult to make and it feeds a lot!  Those gatherings with the family were always really fun. I guess that we will probably still have them when i get home.

 So the guy who had the vision texted us a little bit later and told us that although we all carry the same message he was more comfortable with the sisters. All i could think was that we hadn't ever had a lesson with just us and him. I told the sisters that he wanted attention from the opposite gender. Flirt to convert i guess. So we just passed him back to them.
This week has sure been a crazy one. So last Monday while we were emailing we got a call from one of the recent converts in the ward asking for help cleaning his carpets that day so we took an hour and a half out of our p day and helped him. So that was interesting. That night we saw a less active family who cant come to church because the husband that parkinson's so he cant really do much. We also went and saw the Hazel family. Just talked with them for a little bit that night. They asked if we could help set up part of there wedding reception are and of course we said we would.
So on Friday we went up the where it was going to be at. We got out and they said that all of the set up was done. So we drove up to where they were going to have the barbecue that night and we helped with some set up there. We helped direct the traffic for a little bit when we first got there. So it was a fun night. When we were leaving the mom said that we couldn't leave and that she had some food for us. So we were thinking just a little bit. Not so much..There was about 10 of those big metal tin serving things. Ill send a picture of our fridge. So we are still eating mac and cheese, baked beans, corn, coleslaw, and ribs. Probably will be for the rest of this week.
We went 30 miles away from Warrenton to see one of the members of the ward. It was a long drive. But they were excited to have us over. We have done a lot of driving recently. Makes me tired since i am the designated driver i am always driving.
Its been a good week, im hoping we can have more fun adventures coming up soon.
I love you!!
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Elder Laing

This is the picture that Blake sent of them at the Wedding Reception that they helped with.....

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