Monday, November 24, 2014

Football and two new Comps!

This week has been good. Got 2 new comps. We have been super busy all
day so this is only going to be one paragraph. We are getting along
good. I think this will go well. We have each other to talk to and we
aren't constantly examining each other so I think we will continue to
get along.

We just got done playing football. I have moved into a zone that is
not very athletic so it was interesting to play. There was about 8 of
us that participated the most. For most of the game I was QB for our
team. It rained here yesterday so the field that we played on was wet
and muddy. Made it more fun.

Tonight we have dinner with our bishop. I have talked to him a little
bit and seems like a really nice guy. It's actually warm today. It got
up to the 70's so that was good for football. I am dreading when the
cold comes, but I will have a car this year so hopefully it won't be
as bad.

I'll try to send some pictures throughout this week.

Love you guys!

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