Monday, November 10, 2014

Ryan received the priesthood


So it has been a pretty good week. Done a little bit of everything I guess. So we had our fun adventures on Monday. Ya it really is so cool to see all of the monuments and the museums. Definitely different than what we usually do on our p days. So we are not teaching crystal anymore. We passed her to the sisters to start teaching. We think that she will do better learning from them instead of us. With the scheduling with the member we had to make sure there was a male there as well so scheduling was easier as well.

Saturday we had a guy from manassas come and take us to lunch. His name is Broken Oliver. He changed his name to broken because he believe that God broke him. He has read all of the standard works. So it is an interesting situation with him. He loves all of the missionaries, we just don't ink he wants to change his ways. He was a baptist pastor for most of his career so he knows the scriptures really good.

One of the main reasons that we set up our tree is because we were having a major cleaning day and we were cleaning out he closet that is was in so we just decided to set it up. All we need is Christmas music and snow. But I really don't want to deal with snow. It makes going out and trying to do anything absolutely miserable. But it is the last winter I have to deal with.

Crazy to think that I only have 10 months left, and Spencer only has 8! Even crazier. Time really does go by fast. I do think that I am going to be moved for the holidays. I have already been her for three transfers, and the likelihood of staying for 4 in an area is a very small chance. I am actually kinda glad that it's almost over. Belmont ridge has been really good, but also really difficult. Especially with my companion situation for 12 weeks. I'm ready for a change.

So I have some other good news to report. On Sunday Ryan received the priesthood and was ordained a teacher!!! I had the opportunity to stand in the circle. It's so awesome to see the light of Christ in Ryan. It's amazing how the gospel can actually change the appearance of someone. It's amazing to see his progress. Some other good news is that A guy that I was teaching in Centreville is getting baptized on Saturday. His name is Craig if you remember me telling you about him. He has had a hard road to get here. He was a drank and smoked when I was teaching him. He went through addiction recovery and has changed a lot. I am excited to see that!

Today we are going to play some football and some basketball. Looking forward to that. We are sitting in the gym right now but nobody else has showed up. Don't quite know what I want for Christmas. It's hard to ask for things because I want to see it and try it on before I get it. (Referring to clothes) I think I will probably go to the store today or soon and get another jacket to wear....but I don't know yet. If I think of anything I will let you know!

I love you guys so much! Thanks for all you do! (The downstairs is looking really the pictures!)

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