Monday, November 3, 2014

Ryan was baptized!

Hi Everyone,
So we are sitting in the middle of D.C. Right now. Actually at a
Starbucks so we can steal the wifi. Been a really good week. Ryan was
baptized so that was super exciting. I did get the package and as soon
as I saw the grey Book of Mormon I was super stoked. Then the card
said it was for Ryan. It's been a good week but business as usual.

We went to the holocaust museum. It was really depressing. Crazy to
think that it actually happened. So we are probably going to go check
out the air and space museum right now.

For Halloween we were able to watch 2 movies. We watched frozen and
despicable me 2. It was pretty cool. I will send some pictures. Love
you guys! Thanks for the support!

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