Monday, October 27, 2014

Interesting week

It's been an interesting week here. So we spent most of the week
apologizing to members that were in our gospel principles class. I
don't think I told you, but we chewed out our gospel principles class.
We taught a lesson for the first 30 minutes of class then went to
class. When we got there the topic was on the millennium and they
weren't talking about anything in the manual. It was all speculation
so Elder Geohagan got up and told them that we shouldn't be doing this
in a class where people that attend are either non members or shakey
in their testimony.

Most of the members felt like we shouldn't have done that, but I think
that it was necessary. So we visited basically all of the members that
were in there and we could tell that there were a few hurt feelings.
On top of that  we got an email from our mission president last Monday
chewing us out because we are all doing horrible. Then on Tuesday we
had a whole mission conference call. All the sisters, elders, and
senior couples were on the call and he only said what the elders are
doing wrong. So it has been a rather depressing week.

On the call he said that we have 1 week to come forward and talk to
him about anything inappropriate we have done on our iPads or he would
come to us. It basically felt like a threat so we have him coming to
our apartment on Wednesday to talk to us. We haven't done anything
wrong, but we decided it's better to lay it all out than for him to
come take our iPads away.

An then on Friday we had a zone conference. Which actually was a lot
more uplifting than I thought it was going to be. So we have had a
tuff week. But I guess they are to be expected.

So we have been teaching Ryan a lot. We are preparing for this
Saturday. This morning we had a meeting with his mom and got all of
the papers signed so everything is good to go except for his interview
which is scheduled for his evening. He is ready. It's awesome to see
how he has progressed in the few months I have been here. I'll make
sure to take some pictures :)

We are playing some touch football today. We figured out its a really
good stress reliever. Tonight we have dinner with a Hispanic it will be delicious. I know you have probably looked for
this email already but I have been writing over the course of all day.
In between athletic events.

Your going to have to send me some pictures of how the down stairs is
looking. Love you mom!

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