Monday, February 9, 2015

Teaching Teaching and Teaching

We had a good week here. Business as usual with some unexpected surprises!

On Tuesday we had a lesson with the Vannie family. I don't think that i have told you guys about them yet. They are a family who the parents were both members, but less active. The week before i got to this area he passed away from ecoli. They have 2 daughters who are 8 and 9 so its been really rough for them over the last 3 months. We have been teaching the daughters because the mom contacted the bishop of our ward and wanted to get them baptized and to start coming back to church. 

We had exchanges this week so i had Elder Bateman with me and we were able to teach them the restoration. This was actually the 3rd lesson that we taught but we decided to go out of order just to suit their needs. We were able to set up a date for them to be baptized for March 21st. We are excited for that and that will be a little bit before i leave. 

On Wednesday night we taught the Ammerman family. We were teaching them when i first got here, but they were not showing any signs of progression so we decided to drop them, and then last Sunday they showed up out of no where to the other ward. ( I might have already told you guys that )  We got to talk to the mom more than ever before and she said that she i willing to let her son be baptized if he wants to. He has shown desire in the past to do so, so that is promising.

We are still teaching Jon and Mandy. I might have told you about them, but i don't remember. She has been less active for about 20 years, and he is a non member. We have a lesson set up for tonight and Johnson is going to teach it with a priest. He showed some concern that if we are right then all of his family has been wrong, so the plan is to teach about family history and temple work. 

The reason that i am not going is that we have a pass off lesson with the Spanish elders so i will be going with them. We have never met this lady, but from what they have said she is really promising. We are excited to have someone else promising to work with.

I have been feeling better thankfully. Still hacking up stuff from my chest, but that's good i guess. We tried doing whats called an apple juice cleanse. For 1 1/2 days all we did was drink apple juice and nothing else. It was miserable so we didn't finish. Today we are going to go play some basketball in Centreville. 

My companion goes home in 10 days. He is the third I'm sending home. I did it last transfer too, so they are making me think about going home. We have to go to Burke on Wednesday for his departing temple trip and i have an appointment to get a hitch put on our car for a bike rack, and i am going to go to lunch with some of my buddies. 
I love you!

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