Monday, January 26, 2015

Catholic Mass and Squirrels!

 Good Morning!

We have had an exciting week here. We have had a couple of days where there has been a few inches of snow. More like 2. People here freak out when they have any snow at all. They will cancel school if they feel like it will be bad. Since i am the driver you guys know that i have a little bit of fun. I will pull the emergency brake around some corners and slide my back end. I love it. You have to live a little right?

On Saturday we had a very interesting experience. We went to CATHOLIC MASS!!!!  I have wanted to go for the longest time just to see what it is like. A lot of standing kneeling and sitting. We just had to follow along. They say a lot of prayers. Not formal prayers like we are accustomed to, more recited prayers. The only one that i could really say was the Our Father. 

There is really a lot of symbolism that they have. Sometimes i wonder if they grasp the full meaning of it rather than just doing it. I have become really interested in different religions and what they believe. I was really excited when our investigators invited us. Afterwards we went out to a Chinese restaurant. We talked for about 90 minutes about religion. We were able to share about the great apostasy that we believe happened instead of the Church and the Priesthood descending through Peter. 

They have been meeting with missionaries for a while and they haven't been taught anything. They didn't even know what the Book of Mormon was so we decided we need to start from the very beginning. We had stake conference this weekend so we skipped the Saturday night session for Catholic Church :) 

On Sunday we had 2 hour church with no extra meetings so that we really nice. After we got home we were eating lunch and we had a squirrel that chillin on our porch so I threw a couple of almonds and he took those then came back looking for more. We were able to hand feed him. He would come and take it from my hand. He somehow ended up coming into our apartment...we may have lured him in :)  We then had the brilliant idea to shut the sliding door and trap him inside. 

We ended up keeping him inside for about an hour. He would just climb on our desks and run around on the floor. I got some good pictures. That kept us entertained for a while. I got some cool videos too. 

We are out of miles on our car so we are driving as little as possible so we rode bikes last night. I had to do a little bit of maintenance on my bike. Teak the breaks, switch the rubber on the tires. The back tire was pretty much bald so I had too. We ended up riding 10 miles, and I am feeling it this morning. My last companion had some bike stuff that he gave me and one of them was one of those electronic bike computer things. Our top speed was 30.5 mph. It was good to ride again.

Now you guys know not to trust free things. I hope he gets feeling better. Luckily I haven't had any major sickness yet. I am going to keep it that way. 

I have learned a lot over the last while, and I continue to learn more. I learned yesterday about an apocrypha. Extra books not in the bible. Anyways random stuff.
Love you guys!

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