Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Hey i feel bad that i wasn't thrilled to talk to you guys. Don't get me
wrong, i was really excited to talk to you guys but it wasn't as much
as the last times. It makes me think of home and I don't want to do that, I want 
to keep my mind where it is suppose to be.  I didn't even get to tell you that i really 
liked my gifts. We talked a little bit about it but not very much. Loved the
blankets. I wasn't expecting that to have a blanket to go with it.

You guys all look fantastic. Its hard to talk about things usually
because everything stays the same. You guys are working and just doing
normal stuff, and i am a missionary....everyday. Its really awesome to
do this but it is hard! In some ways i feel more trunky than my
companions. I don't necessarily want to come home but some days i am
just done being a missionary. But i know what i am supposed to be
doing and I will continue to be the best i can.

I cant believe that Dylan and Brandon are both 6` 7" !!!! I am going
to be on the shorter end of the family. And chase is getting tall too!
I guess things are going to be really different when i get home. His
voice also got a lot deeper.

I am going to try to write Chris, Spencer, and Tyson some sort of
Christmas email. I know i should write more but it just takes
FOREVER!!! and i only get 8 hours for p-day. Ill try to be better about
writing on Monday. I think i might just keep a short entry on my ipad
for everyday then that will help me.

The basement is looking really good. I'm going to come back to a
completely different house. Also a completely different neighborhood.
We aren't going to have any place to play games on an empty lot. But i
guess that was to be expected.

I hope i didn't give off the feeling that i was frustrated or angry...i
really wasn't. More along the lines of exhausted. After we talked we had
dinner. Ham and funeral potatoes. That was fun. There were 2 familes
that were over there and after dinner they both skyped and we played a

We are going to go hang out with the Sterling Park elders again
tonight. Maybe play a couple of games or pool. I still think that i am
going to be better than you guys when i get home. I guess next summer
i better go golf on p-days so i can sharpen up my game before i come
home. And i will get up on the first time when i go waterskiing. Maybe
i will be sore afterwards but i will be fine.

I love you guys. I am really glad i got to talk today. It didn't feel
like it was that long but it was 75 minutes. Time just flies by. Next
time we skype is in 140 days. I guess we can look forward to then.
These last 7 months is the longest time we will have to do while i am
here. So that's good.

Love you guys!!!

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