Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Caroling at the Mall

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This has been an interesting week. So with Christmas it was a really
slow week. We didn't get a whole lot done, but that is to be expected
with everything going on. So we did a bunch of caroling last week. I
can't remember if I told you or not, but we had the mall manager come
and talk with us. We thought he was going to kick us out but in fact
he liked it.

So we just got back from playing mini golf. So i didn't have any cash
on me so you will see that on my bank account. We had a lot of fun.
There was five of us so it was a blast. I will send some pictures from

We are also going to get district shirts. So everybody thinks that i
look like the great hambino from sandlot so there is a picture of him
on a t shirt and they decided we needed those. We are going to take a
picture with them on and i will send it.

We are going to play some pool right after i get done writing. Elder
Ross is actually here as well. We are talking about how everybody is
doing back in Roosevelt.

Not much else going on. We don't have any major plans for New years but
I will take some pictures and send it.

Love you!

Elder Laing
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