Monday, April 13, 2015

I am a fire dancer!

Transfers are always really hectic. But it's to be expected when you
get a call on Tuesday on whether or not your leaving, pack all day
Wednesday and get everything figured out for your departure. Then of
course Thursday is the big meeting which takes all day. Go home that
night and it's hard to do much besides unsettle and organize your
stuff. So transfer week is just a bucket of fun.

Ahh the city. It's an interesting place. We have "old town Alexandria"
which has lots of interesting shops and there are always street
performers. It's interesting to walk down and see all of the different
types of people. We are able to walk right up to the Potomac river and
look over into Maryland. Definitely much different than my last areas.
We live in a high rise apartment on the 4th floor and from our study
room we can see the Washington monument. I will have to take some
pictures and send them to you guys.

Not a whole lot going on. There is one investigator that we are going
to be working with. We have an appointment with him his week so we
will see how that goes. The ward is very small. That average sacrament
meeting attendance is 150. Looks like we are going to have our work
cut out for us. I think that I will enjoy my time here. Who knows,
with the new mission president I might get lost in the shuffle of
everything and spend the remainder of my time here.

I sent a video earlier today. If you can't watch it let me know and i
will try again. There was a member in the Algonkian ward that was so
kind as to let me borrow some juggling pins. He said that he has ones
you can light on fire and that if I got good enough that I could do
it. Well that's what the video is of. I think that is one of those
rare opportunities that I had to capitalize on.

On Saturday we did go all the way back to Ashburn for a baptism. It
was the family that went through a divorce and they were unaware that
their son would now be counted as a convert baptism and he would need
to be taught by us. I was able to be a witness and then we got
permission for him to be confirmed right afterwards. So I was also
able to participate in that. Afterwards I went and talked to his mom
and she got super emotional. I was really glad to be able to go back
and see it all of the way through. I am going to try to stay in
contact with them by email.

On Wednesday we had a miracle happen. After a dry spell of not being
able to teach the Vannie girls, we were finally able to teach them
again before I left. It had been over 2 months since the last time we
were able to teach them. They still want to be baptized, it's just a
matter of when. That will probably be another baptism I get to go back

Sounds like everything is going good at home. Always good to here.

Love you!

The fire Dancer!

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