Monday, April 6, 2015

Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End!

Good evening! Sorry this letter is so late, but we had a full day.

We went to D.C. This morning for our final preparation day of the
transfer. We were able to see a few different places. We did a lot of
walking around to all of the outside memorials. To be perfectly
honest, once you have seen in one time then after that it gets pretty
boring going again. But it was still fun. There were a lot of people.
I hope that my next area isn't in the city because I do not like
walking down the street with that many people. I like my little areas
like Warrenton.

We did a couple of service projects this week. One of them was to our
family we are working with to get their 9 year old son baptized. We were
able to talk to her for a while and figure out why things in our ward
didn't work out for them and why they have their records in the
Ashburn ward. We were able to connect pretty well since they attend
their and also have family in the ward. We have their baptism set for
this upcoming Saturday the 11th and we are really looking forward to

We had a lesson with our newest investigator Sherri as well. We talked
about the Gospel of Jesus Christ which consists of Faith, repentance,
baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. She really
liked it and we think that she will continue to progress. I am really
grateful to the members that we have in is ward and he encouragement
and the assistance that they offer to us. That Wednesday that we had a
lesson scheduled we got a phone call from one of our ward missionaries
who we had come with us to the last lesson and she asked if we would
like her there this time as well. I was really grateful for her in her
willingness and desire to help out.

The reason last week that we had to switch our preparation day was
because of a funeral. The funeral was for a 28 year old who died from
cancer. We ended up staying at the church building for 5 hours
helping. It was sad to see the family, but also reassuring to see
others testimonies of the spirit world as well as the afterlife and
that we can be sealed together forever.

When we were right near the Washington monument we saw some Jehovah's
witnesses with there little stand with information. I decided that I
had never really learned what they believe so we went and talked with
them for about 10 minutes. I learned what scriptures they refer to
when the call God Jehovah, and a few other things. They gave me a
little book about what the bible really teaches. I spent about 40
minutes looking over it and comparing beliefs as well as similarities.
It's interesting to see what different religions believe. If nothing
else I believe that we left a really good impression on them and had a
good conversation.

I wish I had more to write about, but it's difficult. I think with
this week being transfers there will be much more to write about.
Thanks for all you do!

Love you!

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