Monday, May 25, 2015

Nothing to say!

This week has been good. Nothing much new happened sadly, but
sometimes that is just how life is.

We weren't able to meet with Prasad this week. We had a lesson set up
with him on Wednesday evening, but he ended up leaving for Pittsburg
that afternoon and so that got canceled. They are going to be on
vacation next week as well so we will see how that goes. We did meet
up with Cornelius one time this week. He finally got a job and so we
are going to try to meet him after 6 during the week.

I have been thinking lately about what is going to happen over the
next 4 months. My prediction is that I will end up staying in
Alexandria for the remainder of my mission. Chances are Elder Cook
will leave this transfer and go to a new area for his final transfer,
and then I will get a companion that I will spend 2 with then I will
be done. The possibility of me sending Elder Cook home is very slim.
But crazier things have happened. The only reason that I think this will
be my last area is because of the mission president transition. I
guess we will see.

I ended up ordering something  off eBay by the way so if you see
something from PayPal on my account you will know why.

Sorry for the short email. Nothing much to say. We will probably end
up doing a whole lot of nothing today. It's hard when you don't have
access to a car for your preparation day. It makes it difficult to get
anywhere. But what do you do.

Love you guys!

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