Monday, June 1, 2015

Feeding the less fortunate

Good Morning!!!

I love that!!! That is so awesome that the stake has realized that need within Roosevelt and decided to have a sacrament service in the evening. I wish that idea was church wide. Probably the greatest idea I have heard in a while. I like Bishop Hales, well President Hales now. He is an awesome guy. Its interesting to see the way the Holy Ghost works. Just a simple prompting to go to the Saturday evening session after a huge day of work, and look at what we can get out of it. It seems like I have that attitude going into a lot of meetings but it always seems to change my mind after the fact.

So this week has been eventful to say the least. So I will probably end up having to pay 350 dollars coming up soon to the mission office.

I'll give you a little back story as to why that is. So Thursday rolls around and we have nothing to do. So we are in our apartment at dinner time trying to think of something and I noticed that is started raining outside. We called Cornelius to see if we could meet up and talk with him since we couldn't think of anything else. He told us he was at 7-11 which is just a 5 minute walk from our place. So I grab my stuff and put it in plastic bags to keep water out.

We go talk to him for about an hour and we were in the rain for the duration of that. We went back to the apartment and grabbed a bowl that we were going to go return to our relief society president. After we get back out were on our way there and we start talking to a guy named Tyrone. he was probably mid 20's and we talked to him for 45 minutes. I opened my backpack to get him a copy of the book of Mormon, and I pulled out the first one and it was completely soaked. I opened my other bag and it was okay so I gave that to him.

After we stopped talking with him I had that oh crap moment run through my head about checking on my ipad. And sure enough there was water in the bag. Now I had the hope that since there wasn't a whole lot of water that it would be alright. I went straight home and put it in rice. Well lone and success.

So I FRIED MY IPAD!!!!!   Not happy. The office elders are contacting salt lake to see if they can do anything for me. But there is a high possibility that I will have to pay. If I do I want you guys to just transfer some from my America first account. It was my stupid mistake and I don't want you guys to pay for it.

That's my ipad story. I'll keep you updated.

On Saturday we had an awesome experience. There is a group here in Alexandria that helps feed people who are less fortunate. We arrived at 8:30 and ended up staying till about 11. First we had an assemble line going and we filled paper bags with food. Then we went outside and filled plastic bags with vegetables. Our favorite part was when we went into the 2 buildings and delivered them to some people who couldn't leave their apartment to get it. It was awesome to talk to the people that we delivered to. They are super awesome to talk to.

We do have a few things coming up this week. Some missionaries that are my buddies are coming up next Monday for my birthday. We are going to try to find something fun to do.

Good to hear from you guys. I always enjoy your letters.

Ill contact you later in the week to let you know what happens.

Love You!!!!

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