Monday, June 22, 2015

Baptism Preparations.......

Good afternoon! 

I know this is a late letter, but we have had an interesting day and it was most convenient to wait till now. So last week was busy with preparing for Malakai's baptism. We were able to teach him Tuesday, Friday, and yesterday. We also had his baptismal interview on Friday after we finished teaching him all of the lessons. He passed that and we are set for this evening. On Sunday while we were in church talking to him he had already picked out all of the speakers as well as the music and prayers. This guy is on the ball with everything. It makes me sad that he has a job that's out of our ward and even out of our mission. Once they find an apartment then they will have their records transferred there. 

We were also really busy helping a guy in the ward Ric Talley. We helped him move a bunch of nights this week. We are moving a bunch of art from his current home, to the one he is moving into a few blocks away. Most of it is glass art so it makes in really fragile. It makes me nervous to handle some of it because I know how much it costs. 

Saturday we helped him move most of the day. We finally finished around 6:30, then went to red lobster. Mmmmm....shrimp. I was content that day. On the way there was a massive rainstorm that was just dumping. There were tornado warnings that night as well. We were standing outside of the restaurant looking up at the sky and we saw just swirling clouds. There could have very easily been a tornado. After dinner we went to Bestbuy to help him look at something for his house. While there the power was knocked out. So we left there and went back to our place and the power was out there so we decided to go to bed at 9:30. Really nice to be tired enough to fall asleep that early. While laying in bed the power came back on but it wasn't worth staying up. 

This happened last week, but I don't think I ever told you guys. We were on our way to pick up something for our apartment from the store, and we were traveling on bike. About 2 miles from home my bike tube decides to get a massive hole. I ended up carrying my bike on my back for 2 miles. The humidity combined with that, it wasn't good. 

It was a busy week. This upcoming week is going to be about the same. We have transfers on Thursday. We think elder cook will leave, but there is also the possibility that I will leave. We find out for sure tomorrow night. Our mission president officially leaves on the 30th. Not the first time that I have golfed. I have hit up a driving range in my last area, and I have been putting for the last 6 months. My last area had 3 putters so I stole one from there. I didn't need to go buy one to hone in my skills.

.........(2 hours later) 

Got super distracted with all of our baptism preparation. They showed up then everybody showed up. Programs, font, jumpsuits, letters, setting up chairs. Anyways....WOW. It makes me mad when I get emotional in meetings, but this one was making me teary eyed. Everything went smoothly. I'll send pictures. 

Love you guys!

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