Monday, June 15, 2015

New Investigator last week....Baptism next week!

Good Morning!

We have had one of the more interesting weeks of my mission. We
definitely had a miracle occur which has been in the works for over a
year. I may have already told you a little about him , but I'll tell
you again.

We have had a guy named Malakai come to church for the last 3 weeks.
He is married to a recent convert named Lucy who has been a member as
of about a year. He had been meeting with missionaries for about a
year down in Texas where she was baptized. They recently moved up here
to look for work, and are staying in a hotel outside the ward
boundaries since the ones close to us are so expensive. We had to call
our mission president to ask him if we could baptize him since he
doesn't have a permanent address and they don't know where they are
going to end up. He gave us the go ahead so we started to teach him.

We had our first lesson on Thursday. We were able to talk to him and
just see where he is at and gauge what he wanted to do. We asked if he
wanted to set a baptism date or pray about one. He said he wanted to
pick one, so we were all for that. I handed him my calendar and he
chose the Monday. So we were really surprised. We
informed him that we would have to meet a minimum of 4 times and have
an interview and a range of other things and he was completely for
that. We met with him yesterday at church. We hijacked 2nd and 3rd
hour and taught him the restoration as well as the commandments. The
only reason we taught him the commandments first is so that he can
have ample time to commit to live those and overcome anything that
might be a struggle.

So in a nutshell we got a new investigator last week who is getting
baptized next week. That is unheard of. Almost seems to easy. We have
another meeting with him Tuesday as well as Friday.

That was the extent of our week. We have a couple other lessons
scheduled for this upcoming week. We have a list of names from the
ward list that we are checking on so that keeps us busy. We are going
to help someone in the ward move this week. We are planning on helping
3 nights this week. That will keep us really busy.

Something fun we did this week was get our picture drawn down by the
river. There is a guy who does them for free and we have always wanted
one but every time we pass he is busy.

I think we look good.

Anyways, that's all for us. Thanks again for the pizza! I hope you got
the pictures!

Love you!

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