Monday, June 29, 2015

Transfer Week....On to Annandale!


Well...sounds like you guys have had a hectic week. 

Well it is true, I got transferred. But not only that, we both got transferred. Yup sure enough we were both replaced, and by sisters no less. Sisters are great and all, but it still is very agitating. Annandale isn't that far away from where I was. Probably a 10 minute drive. Yesterday we were able to go down to the Alexandria sacrament meeting so I could participate in the confirmation on Malakai. When we walked in a lot of the ward was very surprised to see me. Luckily it was a good surprise. A bunch of them came up and asked if I was still in the ward. The sister missionaries gave me some dirty looks, not quite sure why. I think it must be some territorial thing. Haha I don't know. But I was happy that I was able to do that.

I woke up one day this week and tried to use my ipad, but it wasn't on. I tried to turn it on, but the apple symbol would appear for 1 second then disappear. Well lets just say I am having really bad luck with ipads lately. I didn't do anything to this one, but it is definitely a software issue. So I am currently going old school again, until this whole thing gets figured out. Not very happy with apple products lately.

No plans yet for the fourth. I guess we will see what happens there. Have fun at girls camp. Sounds like it will be loads of fun.

Gotta go! Love you!

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