Monday, July 6, 2015

New Mission President

Good morning!

We have had a good week here, just about like every other week. On
Monday we ended up playing basketball for most of the day. It's always
fun being able to do that, except for the soreness that accompanies
afterwards. We have a good group of guys so it makes it even better.
While not playing you get to talk to a lot of people and get to know
them more. It just weirds me out because I get to talking with them
and they tell me they have only been out for a couple of months or
around a year. I just think to myself, I haven't seen you a day in my
life and you have been out for a year!? It just makes me feel really
old. I do feel worn down most days now. The excitement and energy
level that I have isn't what it used to be.

One interesting thing we had this week was that one of the glass doors
at the other elders place ended up shattering. It didn't break
initially but the entire thing was broken into individual tiny pieces
that were barely hanging onto each other. While we were standing
there trying to think of what to do it was just cracking more and
more. So of course we had e bright idea to throw something through it.
( I will attach the video ). It got replaced a few days later

For our Fourth of July we didn't have anywhere to go. We ended up
going to the church building where we met up with some other elders
and played some more basketball. We also threw the football around
later that night at a field not for from there. We did have fun even
though it wasn't watching fireworks. That day we also took a trip to
Walmart to pick up some things and my companion and I decide we were
going to get matching comp gym shorts. And of course we decided upon
camo. I think Dylan would be very proud. One of the only camo pieces
of clothing I own.

On Thursday we were able to meet our new mission president. He seems
like a really awesome guy. He has 8 kids total. Only 3 of them will be
living at the mission home though. I think the mutual consensus among
all of the elders was that the daughters were pretty cute :) of course
I had to go up and personally introduce myself afterwards. It will be
interesting to see how the style will change over the next 2 months
that I am here.

That's our week in a nutshell. We don't have any solid investigators.
We are working with a few less active families though. We have been
focusing on finding and that will stay that way for a while. Glad the
pictures arrived. I just decided to send them home so that's one less
thing I have to worry about down the road. I also did a little happy
dance when dad sent me the flight itinerary. Now we know and can start
making plans.

Love you guys!

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