Monday, July 20, 2015

Less Active and Convert Work

We had a good week here. We have still been doing a lot of less active/recent convert work. Once people are on the path we have to help them stay on it in any way we can. We did get some family history training this week...nothing that I didn't know already. I would say go ahead and do the names. I will look for some more. I would rather you guys go do them soon rather than wait for me. I will have plenty of opportunities to do that when I get home. Glad you got them though. I wasn't sure weather or not it would work so I am glad that it did. I will probably spend some more time looking today as well if I have any extra time.

We went on exchanges this week. I went with Elder Neyman. I knew him from a previous zone that we shared. Sometimes its fun to get to know other people a little bit closer. He has been out for a little less than a year and he is from Provo. Its hard to believe that I can remember that time in my mission like it was just last week. In fact one year ago I was leaving Warrenton and heading to Belmont Ridge. Time is a really interesting thing on the mission. It goes by so fast.....but SO SLOW! No idea what's going on, messes with my brain.

We did make it to the temple visitors center on Saturday. We got up there a  little bit before the other car and we were waiting in the Visitors center. Turns out while we were waiting they had shown up and had already been walking around the temple. Needless to say that the lady who drove her basically high jacked everything that we wanted to do so we got to say maybe 2 sentences to her before they went in to see meet the Mormons. We had to leave because we had an appointment we had to get back to. Not quite the trip I was hoping for but its whatever. She just wanted my tie. I don't know why. Maybe for a memory or something. It was my baby blue one that I got at the very beginning. I really liked that tie.

 Anyways...glad Chase  is doing football. I always enjoyed watching him. And hey, what a way to end my mission. Started that night with a football game, and now I am coming home to a football game.

That's our week. Thanks for the emails!

Love you guys!

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