Monday, July 13, 2015

Can I have your tie?

Good morning.

Sounds like everything is going good with you guys. It really is crazy
that  Spencer is home already. I can remember that day where I opened
my call and me and Spencer sat there looking at my information for
about 20 minutes. It wasn't that long after that I left. Weird to
think that I won't be that much longer till I get home. Less than 10
weeks now. Oh man...I'm tired.

Well this week has been a good one. We didn't teach any lessons this
week to investigators. We don't have any that we are really working
with. This area is really interesting in that regard. Not a whole lot
to do except knock doors. In the 2 and a half weeks that I have been
here I haven't been in more than 25 percent of the area. It's a really
big area and hard to access on foot. My bike is out of commission
currently so maybe that would contribute to it. We are working with
some less active/recent converts though. I think that is the biggest
job to do here in the ward. We have less than 50% activity in the
ward. One of the people we are working with is a lady named Nancy
Wilson. We taught her twice this week. We went over the gospel of
Jesus Christ as well as the 10 commandments. She is super awesome and
we are planning on going to the temple visitors center this weekend.
We were at church and after sacrament meeting she had to go home, so
we stopped to talk to her for a bit. While talking she said she really
liked my tie and asked if she could have it. So I took my tie off and
gave it to her. One of the weirder things that have happened. The
stake president was there so when he saw me without a tie he gave me a
really weird look. Luckily in the clerks office they had some extras
so I grabbed one and put it on.

Another guy we are working with has been a member for about 2 years,
and about 6 months after he was baptized he started driving trucks so
he went less active since he was constantly on the road. He recently
got in a wreck so he is not driving as of right now. He came the last
two weeks to church and said the crash was god giving him a second
chance. So he is super sweet to work with.

Those are two of our main people. We are currently in the finding
stages. I just hate knocking doors. It's tedious and ineffective.
Well that was our week. One more down, and about 9 to go. Getting so
close it's starting to seem real.

My companions name is Elder Merrell. He is from Rexburg Idaho. He has
been out about 21 months. He came just 6 weeks after me. We get along
really well so that's good.

My address is 4712 Commons dr. #302 Annandale, VA 22003

I don't really need anything. My clothes are officially giving out,
but I can last. Iron on patches and sowing kit has worked wonders.

Love you guys!

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