Monday, August 3, 2015

Priesthood Blessings


Well another week has passed here. Nothing new has happened. We did go
into DC last week so that was a lot of fun. We took our bikes with us
and biked around. We were able to see some of the American history, as
well as the natural history museum. It hard to see a lot of stuff when
you only have limited amounts of time. On the way back to the car it
started raining really hard so we ended up getting completely soaked.
But that's where the mission memories are made so I was ok with that.

On Wednesday we got a text from one of the recent converts that we
work with and she told us that she was in the hospital. We went up
there a little later that day and gave her a blessing. She had to have
some fluid drained from the outside of her lung. We also went back
yesterday and gave her another blessing, as well as the sacrament. On
Wednesday when we were there we had another lady stop and talked to
us. She told us her mom had a stroke and was in a really bad position.
So we went and gave her a blessing as well. Walking out of those
situation all I can think is, my life really isn't that hard. I am
just really glad I'm not in that position or know anybody that is
dealing with anything like that.

I'm going to keep searching for more family names.  I have been in communication
with grandma Laing about family history. When I was searching I think
she must have had hundreds of names reserved. I guess that will be
something I can work on when I come home. Give me something to do if I
have some spare time. Also a good thing to do with that spare time
instead of other mind numbing activities.

I decided I need your input. That day when I get home,
one of the first things I want to do is ride a dirt bike in my suit.
Not a full ride out in the dirt, but just around the neighborhood. For
some reason I want to do that. The days are getting closer and closer.
It's weird to think. I have a chain of paper clips hanging up with the
number of days. I only update it about weekly so I just take a chunk
off rather than one at a time. This week is going to fly by as well.

Upcoming this week we have district meetings tomorrow, then packing on
Wednesday, transfer meeting on Thursday, Friday we have our departing
temple trip since the temple will be closed coming up soon. So they
are doing it early. Then on Saturday we are going to another nationals
game! Then church. So this week will come and go really fast. I'll
keep you updated on what happens here and weather or not I get
transferred. I haven't got that card yet. Probably today. I'll let you

Thanks for all you do. I'll take pictures!

Love you!

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