Monday, August 17, 2015

Trip to Andrews Air force Base


Sounds like you guys have had a very fun and exciting week. Getting
confronted by the TSA would not be fun. I don't think they would freak
out about a couple rounds, especially with your concealed carry
permit. So I speak on the 20th? That's pretty quick. I will definitely
be giving that some major thought as the day gets closer. Luckily
after doing this for 2 years I feel like I have a decent grasp on
speaking to people. So in regards to the food, I really am not picky.
My preference is whatever is easiest for you guys. I don't want to
have it be a huge burden, and it doesn't have to be elaborate. I just
want things to be simple and quiet. My life has been busy and hectic
for the past 2 years, and a few slow days would be nice.

So our week has been alright. We did have the Nationals game that we
went to. That was super fun. I was able to hang with my mission
buddies. I was also able to see Olivia Nolte. She is one of Marisas
good friends. We ended up stopping in DC. After the game to grab some
McDonald's since we were all super hungry. It was super sketchy to be
in downtown at that time of the night.

This week we were also able to go with a recent convert from the
Alexandria ward to Annapolis Maryland, as well as Andrews Air Force
base. In Annapolis there is a naval academy. It was cool to see all of
the history associated with that. At Andrews we saw all of the
government planes. We were able to see John Boehners plane. Air Force
one was in the hanger and the doors were closed so we weren't able to
see those sadly. But it was still a fun day.

Not much else has happened. I guess just normal missionary stuff. The
work here is really slow. Hopefully over the next Few weeks we will be
able to get something going. That's our report for the week.

Thanks for your letters! I always look forward to them!

Love you guys!

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