Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28th 2013

Well life hear in the Ashburn area is business as usual. Today for our P-day, President Riggs is coming down to our stake center to play basketball with us so im hoping that it will be fun. Riding bikes all day every day is definatly hard. For the first week i was slow, the second week my whole bottom half was killing me, the third week and so on has been getting easier and easier. The bike last night i was riding and something happened that im not sure what it did, but somthing is wrong with the cranks so i am going to take that into the bike shop, and hopefully it wont be anything major. Also concering the bike, the back axel is bent, so i need to get it repared so i will let you know whats going on with that. They got a car because we were getting rides from members to and from all our meetings so it was a big inconvenience. Neither myself or my companion can drive yet anyway. I have to be here in virginia for 1 month before to that will be soon. My companion cant because he went home for a little while then came back and they threw out all his info so he couldnt drive until he got that all back in. We had to throw out 15 bags not 5, it was crazy. But now it is clean and i am happy. That will be interesting to have Jared out here. Chances are though that i wont see him when he comes in because unless 1 of us gets transfered then we dont go. I am hoping that you guys have fun in orem. Sometimes i wish i could just get a pepper and take a drive, but sadly i cant. I dont like being with someone 24/7 sometimes i just want to be alone. We eat out every now and then, there are plenty of resturants around, we are going to go to a sushi house as soon as our money resets. But for most of the time its cereal, eggs, toast, and ramen. And then the memers feed us dinner. We have some great members in the ward, we visited a young couple last night, who were in charge of the halloween party, and just told them that they did great. Concerning Warren the hotel guy, we have a meeting set up with him tonight and we are going to invite hime to be baptized and give him a set date. Hopefully he is my first baptism. I will send some pictures, hopefully you get them. I love you all, I keep you in my prayers.
Love Elder Laing

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