Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1 letter

Dear Family and Friends, 
 Everything here  is great, We are meeting with our really solid investigator
 tonight and hope for baptism. We ate with an inactive family from Utah that just moved and the reason they fell away from the church was because of "gossip" but they are willing to give it another shot . 
Did i ever tell you about the coopers?
Coopers just moved from Lehi and we helped them move in, he is in the army and is an awesome guy, young family. loved cabela's while living there he has a lot of hunting stuff. he brought us dinner and showed us his pistol that he carries. handled a gun, don't know if that is mission approved.
 Every Monday we go and meet with the Bishop and eat desert and talk about investigators and so forth. He was kind of pushing the record transfer and asked if a plate of cookies from the members would be good. We told him straight up that if the members come off to strong then they will put their guard up again so we will continue to work at their pace.  so we didn't give any of their information yet, we don't want to blow it. We are giving him a blessing on the 6th because he has a big test for school on the 7th and he said his dad used to do it for him, we are going to find out if brother cooper would come with us since they have so much in common .I can't believe that it is already November.  In two weeks it will already have been 2 months, crazy to think. Other than that nothing really changes all that often. We have transfers coming up so it will be Weird to see what changes. Ok we are leaving now, tell everyone i love them, be on next Friday at about 10:15 got to go bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your son and friend 
Elder Blake Laing

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