Monday, November 4, 2013

Moroni's Promise

Hi guys!!!!
Today is a great day so far. For some reason i just feel great and am excited to be a missionary! So Warren Ledford is the hotel worker we have been talking about. We met with him on friday night. Quick side story. (but still relates) So the other elders in our appartment were going to do a split, which means the district leader goes to the other appartment with a different elder. That ended up not happening instead just a little one so they were all confused. They had a member planning on going with them but they totally forgot. When the member showed up to our appartment we decided to try to contact the other elders to tell them. They didnt answer any of our calls so we ended up waiting 15 minutes then leaving. Once we got to warrens house he had just showed up 5 minutes earlier than us. If we didnt wait and try to contact the other elders we would have missed him and not been able to talk to him. A couple of very small miracles had to go to plan for this all to happen. We showed up and ended up spending 90 minutes at his house to teach him the entire 1st lesson. We had given him a Book Of Mormon and told him to read Moroni 10:3-5 Which is moroni's promise to us. He read and said that he has been really pondering and praying about it while he has been reading. We asked him if he knew that it was true and he told us that he knew it was so far both what he read and that what we have been sharing is. He thought that the book of mormon is a more modern day book which is also a really good thing. We invited him to be baptized and he said.....
YES!!!!!!!!    December 7th is the planned day so now i just have to hope that i dont get transfered.  He also came to church yesturday which was great and he said that he really could feel the spirit. Another small miracle that happened was that we forgot to tell him that it was 3 hours so he left after sacrament meeting. Then during 2nd hour the fire alarm went off so i think it is a good thing that he left. So that ended our church earlier than expected. I dont know why but today is just a great day!!! This week is also going to be a great one i hope. Other than warren we have just had a few lessons here and there, but nothing major. We are hoping for Jason and Holly Thompson to continue to be interested in coming back to church. A reactivation i think would be just as good as a baptism and will ultimatly benefit their family through the coming generations. I talked to an Elder, Elder Gregerson and he said i could have his bike since he is leaving in 10 days. So now i dont have to spend any money!!!! HURRAY  Bought a sweet painting at the catholic thrift shop of the D.C. Temple for only 2 dollars and i was very excited! Ill send a picture of it. I am really itching to go golfing. Thats all i have wanted to do for the past 3 p-days but whatevs. It will happen eventually. It doesnt feel like i have been here very long at all and they say that it continues to speed up. If i feel this great my entire mission that would be great. Going to go play some monopoly today with some of the sister missionaries. Maybe play some basketball but i dont know. I am glad to hear that everyone is doing good. I pray for you all every night. I am so excited for brandon and him making this choice to go on a mission and recieve the priesthood. It will be the greatest thing he will ever do. I am still trying to figure out what i want to do for a career. I still have tons of time to figure that out i think. IPADS SOON!!!! Cant wait for those it will be a very different approach to missionary work but it is awesome. I will write again on friday with all of the regular updates.
Love Elder Laing

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