Monday, February 3, 2014

So much rain and still raining!

Good morning,
So first question, did you watch the super bowl at all. We went over to a members home where there were members, non-members, less actives, and inactives, so we can call it missionary work, and the game just happened to be on, what a coincidence. A flippin' safety in the first 12 seconds!!!  Oh gosh broncos got spanked. Anyways enough with telling you all of my flaws. So this week has been interesting. It rained all day and all nights yesterday and it is still raining. 

We were going to go ice skating today for our last preparation day today, but that didn't turn out because it ends at 11:30 and it is already 10:30. Saturday we left the apartment at 10:45 and we decided that we were going to explore our area more and so we walked around till about 4:30. We went and walked around a lake on the path and got to talk to a few people. We went down the the southern most part of our area and sat on a bench and watched ducks for about 30 minutes. After about 4 hours of walking we needed a break. So just had fun checking on potential investigators as well as former.

I hope you guys get my package today. When i bought the postage it said that the estimated delivery time was today so let me know!!! We had no lessons this week. Our meeting with the Arce family got canceled. He called that day and said that no one was going to be there. But we are going to give them to the Hermanas (Spanish Sisters) for them to take over and start teaching instead. We tried to meet with Roy and Brenna yesterday but it really wasn't a good day so we have plans on Wednesday. 

Other than that nothing really super exciting. We are having dinner with our favorite family tomorrow so that will be fun. Im not really excited for transfers, i really like this area and am going to miss it, but i definitely need a change. So its kind of a bitter sweet deal. 

I hope everything stays well at home, i know it will out here. Im glad you had fun this weekend and hope that the kids can cherish those small trips with that family. That is what i miss the most is just being with you guys. Never knew it till i came out here. I love you all!!!

Love Elder Laing 

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