Monday, January 12, 2015

Slinky in the garbage disposal

Hey its great to hear from you guys! Glad that your email came through
today. The first time that it updated it said i didn't have any mail.
But turns out i did!

I'm happy that your talk went well. Of course its easy to talk about
me, I'm fantastic :) No i didn't get any pictures from dad. Maybe
today he will send them sometime. We had a pretty interesting week
with transfers. We sent elder Thomas home on Thursday. It was weird to
go to a transfer meeting and not be getting a new companion. Elder
Johnson and i stayed together. I guess that the only really exciting
thing that happened Thursday is that i became the designated driver.

We did have a fun week though. Monday night we had an appointment
every 30 minutes so we stayed super busy. Wednesday was a lot of fun.
Last day of the transfer so that night we had 9 elders in our
apartment. We had a little party. Its was a late night. So that next
morning when we were getting ready my companion turned on our garbage
disposal and the entire counter started to shake. So we realized that
a metal slinky had somehow ended up down the drain...

After transfers we went to harbor freight and i picked up some wire
cutters and was able to get it out. You never know what will happen
when you put 9 dudes in a single apartment.

I'm excited to stay with Elder Johnson. Its going to be a lot of fun.
We have already had a really good time so far and are going to
continue to work hard. I guess there isn't much to report on. Still
trying to find new investigators. We do have a couple of 9 year olds
that we are teaching so hopefully that will lead somewhere.

Love you!

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